Bart Hansen for Vancouver City Council

Bart Hansen for Vancouver City Council

One Community

All cities reflect diversity among their citizens, residential neighborhoods, business districts, employment and industrial centers, public recreation and open spaces. Responsible management of public assets, along with vision, is what transforms a good city into a great city. Elected officials reflecting a commitment to the equitable sharing of public services and facilities is the way our diverse city will become ONE COMMUNITY.


Vancouver needs to feel safe. Every citizen with whom I discuss public safety seeks assurances that service levels will be enhanced. Public Safety is a reasonable and fundamental expectation of our citizens. We cannot become ONE COMMUNITY or PROSPEROUS if we are not all SAFE.
Bart Hansen is endorsed by the Vancouver firefighters.


Prosperity begins at home. It not only defines our ability to provide basic needs for our families and loved ones, but enables us to make choices about improving our standard of living. The vitality of a community reflects the prosperity of its citizens. We cannot become ONE COMMUNITY if we don’t actively support the opportunity for all to be PROSPEROUS.

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