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Vancouver Police Officers' Guild Endorse Bart Hansen

- Bart Hansen Campaign
Vancouver Police Officers’ Guild
Affiliated with the Fraternal Order of Police
Post Office Box 1201 – Vancouver, Washington 98666

July 2, 2011
Dear Councilor Hansen,
The Vancouver Police Officers’ Guild is proud to endorse you in your candidacy for reelection to the Vancouver City Council. We believe your steadfast support for public safety funding and your efforts to maintain public safety staffing levels and services during...

Friends of Fire Station 6 Endorse Hansen

- Bart Hansen Campaign
May 19, 2011
For Immediate Release
Friends of Fire Station 6 is proud to announce its endorsement of Bart
Hansen for Vancouver City Council. Councilman Hansen’s flawless
record of supporting and voting for public safety issues in the City of
Vancouver speaks for itself. He was the only member of our current
City Council to vote against budget cuts that closed fire station 6 in
December 2010.
We believe our police officers and firefighters...

Bart Hansen Announces Run for Vancouver City Council

"Hansen Seeks to Retain Council Seat"

- Bart Hansen Campaign
VANCOUVER, Wash. – City Council member Bart Hansen announced today that he will run to retain his seat on the Vancouver City Council.
Hansen was appointed to council in January 2010, filling the seat vacated by Tim Leavitt after he was elected Mayor. Last year Hansen’s appointment was confirmed by winning the general election. This year his seat is up for a four-year term. Hansen stated, '"Looking forward to this election, I continue to hear concerns about unemployment and...

Vancouver considers program to help with water, sewer bills

- The Columbian
A new program in the works could help cash-strapped Vancouver water and sewer customers get emergency help with their bills.
Similar to Clark Public Utilities’ longtime electric bill assistance program, the Vancouver City Council on Monday mulled starting its own Utility Customer Payment Assistance Program for low-income residents who fall behind on their water, sewer and stormwater bills.
The program would get $100,000 — a portion of the late fees collected on city...

Hansen holding his Vancouver City Council seat

- The Columbian
It looks as if Vancouver City Councilor Bart Hansen will keep his seat for at least one more year: Incomplete returns Tuesday showed Hansen leading his challenger, John Jenkins, for Position 4 on the city council.
Results showed Hansen leading by 52.87 percent to 46.53 percent. The next results will be available today after 5 p.m.
Hansen, celebrating with his wife and supporters at Clark College, said he was “very excited” by the results, but wasn’t ready to...

Hansen for Councilor

Vancouver has been well-served during his short term

- The Columbian
Bart Hansen’s candidacy for the Vancouver City Council probably is one of the few things upon which Tim Leavitt and Royce Pollard agree. The current and former Vancouver mayor, respectively, both endorse Hansen, who has served for nine months since his appointment to replace Leavitt as councilor. He’s served well, too, and has earned The Columbian’s endorsement for several reasons.
First, Hansen, 35, is the youngest member of the council and the only councilor who...

Voter Guide, Vancouver City Council, Position 4

Bart Hansen - Office Services Manager (Clark Public Utilities)

- The Oregonian
Residence city/town: Vancouver, WA
Age: 35
Birthplace: Vancouver, WA
Occupation: Office Services Manager (Clark Public Utilities)
Work experience: Clark Public Utilities: Office Services Manager, Appliance Repair Manager, Field Services Manager, Customer Service Representative, Field Service Representative. Vancouver City Council Member
Political history: 2009 Primary Election for City Council Position #1, finished third
Community involvement: ...

Vancouver City Council Seat No. 4

Vancouver City Council Seat No. 4

- The Vancouver Voice
Councilman Bart Hansen was appointed earlier this year to fill Tim Leavitt's spot when Leavitt was elected as the new Mayor. Jenkins also applied for Levitt's position but was passed over. As much as the tolling debate has dominated public discourse, Hansen is only one vote on the city council and he does not sit on any boards or commissions that address the tolling issue. It is unclear how if Jenkins wins, he would be able to use the position to stop tolling on the 1-5...

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