Vancouver City Council Seat No. 4

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Vancouver City Council Seat No. 4

Councilman Bart Hansen was appointed earlier this year to fill Tim Leavitt's spot when Leavitt was elected as the new Mayor. Jenkins also applied for Levitt's position but was passed over. As much as the tolling debate has dominated public discourse, Hansen is only one vote on the city council and he does not sit on any boards or commissions that address the tolling issue. It is unclear how if Jenkins wins, he would be able to use the position to stop tolling on the 1-5 bridge.

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What do you hope to accomplish as a city council in this term?

When you take a look at our city council one of the things you look for in a council is diversity. There's nobody sitting on council right now with ayoungfamily that's working a full time job. I am. So that's one ofthe pieces ofdiversity that I bring to the council.

Why are you more qualified than your opponent?

I have actual experience in this position. I was appointed to the council in February ofthis year. [I also] I have a very diverse background in how public administrations run, in working inter-local agreements and makinggovernment successful by consolidating services and making it cheaperfor the rate payer, the tax payer, the citizen. This is experience I have gained throughout the years.

What do you see as the purpose ofcity council?

City council is there to represent the citizens ofVancouver. All the citizens ofVancouver, not just any particular piece or sector or anything like that. We need to do what is in the best interests of the citizens and give policy direction to city council and how we want the city to be run.

One of the things that distinguishes you from your opponent is your big name supporters, including other council members. Does that make you more of a representative of the establishment than the people?

When a lot of people want to donate or contribute to your campaign is it really something different than when you're receiving all your contributions from one place? I receive my contributions from a diverse crowd ofpeople, with diverse backgrounds. And when you take a look, and go through my [public disclosure forms (PDCs)] you'll see contributions ranging from twenty-five dollar to max contributions, from all different people in the community. So I would definitely invite people to check both of[my opponent's and my own] PDCs and to take a look at where my opponent and myself are receiving our campaign contributions.

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